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Who We Are
The Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association is the state-level chapter of the National Rifle Association. Chartered in 1966, the ISRPA was formed to promote shooting sports activities, NRA membership growth and the preservation of the Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights of the residents of the state of Indiana.
Historically, the ISRPA has been visibly active in state and local government legislation policy, promoting the ideas and beliefs of its membership and the National Rifle Association. The ISRPA has also been involved in many community and youth development programs throughout the state. Numerous well-known philanthropic organizations have awarded formal recognition to the ISRPA for its efforts.
Today, with an active membership of over 1,000 and affiliations with more than 25 local clubs, the ISRPA supports sportsmen and women in virtually every discipline of the shooting sports. From Blackpowder to Hunting to Smallbore, ISRPA members collectively represent hundreds of years of experience with NRA sanctioned competitions and knowledge in the safe use and maintenance of all types of firearms.
Membership in the Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association can provide men, women and young people from all walks of life a positive and rewarding experience with others that share in a common interest for the safe use of firearms. For more information, please email: info@isrpa.org
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