Independence Safe Company is a culmination of many years of family influence. Our logo begins to tell our story, representing God, family and country. Beliefs instilled in the owners’ psyche, by generations of farm family life.The farming lifestyle requires hard work and perseverance. But it’s faith in the creator that leads to an understanding that a man reaps what he sows and that there is a time for everything under the sun. It isn’t a get rich quick lifestyle as this mindset requires the long view of success and reward. This same ideology runs through the roots of Independence Safe Company.

We often hear our customers tell us how rare it is in today’s world, to find a business founded on such principals.Of course, we want to sell safes and like any business, we need to generate a profit. But we are unique among many in our field, in that we simply will not misrepresent the facts or mislead a customer in order to make a buck. In fact, we would far rather not make a sale than send a customer away with a product that fits their wallet but doesn’t meet their needs.





On July 2 2016 the agreement was finalized to buy out Don’s Liberty Safes of Markleville IN. After nearly 30 years of family owned business, Jo Cook and her late husband Don provided outstanding customer service, beyond customer expectation.

As a family owned business, our staff is made up of family members and individuals who have become a part of our family. The store is manned by knowledgeable, experienced, professionals, dedicated to helping you secure your valuables. The number one goal at Independence Safe Company is to be that one place, in Indiana, where you the customer, can come to learn legitimate, factual, answers to your questions regarding home security containers.

You can go to the “big box stores”, buy a safe and go home feeling like you have secured your valuables. You’ll leave those stores having heard acronyms and the latest buzz words. We do the extra work to make sure that you understand your what your needs are, as well as give you information to make a truly thought-out buying decision.

From the time, you walk through our doors to a final buying decision, and then through the delivery process, you’ll find that our friendly, professional staff work hard to insure you are completely satisfied with your experience with Independence Safe Company. Customer satisfaction among our customers is very high. This is confirmed by the high ratings we receive from Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


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